Vacuum Lifter-GL600

Electric Vacuum lifter-GL600 for handling and fitting glass sheets etc inside/outside buildings.

The vacuum lifter is designed with automatic pressure control and dual safety circuits to avoid system failure.

Ideal for loading & unloading transporting, rotating and installation, and with small width to access into doors.

Easy for operation, with the following functions:

  1. Self-propelled drive.
  2. Electric hydraulic lift and extensions to Lift Height 3700 mm Forward Extension 610 mm.
  3. Electric hydraulic tilting forwards & backwards from vertical to horizontal thru 180 deg.
  4. Manual rotating 360 deg.

Model: GL600
Capacity: 600kg(retracted)&300kg(extended)
Lifting height: 3700mm
Height Forward Extension:610mm
Electric hydraulic tilting forwards & backwards from vertical to horizontal thru: 180deg
Manual rotating: 360deg
Suction cups standard qty: 6 pieces
Suction cups size: φ300mm*6 pieces
Battery: 2*12V/100Ah
Charger: 24V/15A
Drive motor: 24V/900W
Lift motor: 24V/2000W
Drive speed(with or without load):3.5km/4.5km/h
Lift speed(with or without load): 13mm/18mm/s
Down speed(with load): 19mm/s
Down speed(without load): adjustable based on customer’s requirements.
Gradeability(without load): 0.1
Overall Length: 2420mm
Overall Width: 850mm
Overall Height: 1620mm
Net Weight: 1000kg
Packing size: 2700*950*2000mm
Gross Weight:1250kg