An important means to improve the work efficiency and safety performance of the forklift truck, while greatly reducing its damage, is to equip the forklift with attachments. For example: using the paper roll clamp to transport the paper roll can greatly reduce and avoid the damage of the paper roll. If a forklift truck without the paper roll clamp is used, the damage rate of the paper roll is 15%. For those packaging companies that use a large amount of paper and high-quality paper, they can recover their investment in attachments in a relatively short period of time, and the 15% damage rate avoided after that can greatly reduce the production cost of the company.

  1. Required information for paper roll clamp selection:
  2. Clarify the shape of the cargo and determine the type of holding clamp.
  3. Clarify the weight of the cargo and the number of clamps to determine the carrying capacity.
  4. Determine the maximum and minimum diameter and height of the cargo to determine the range of the boom.
  5. Clarify the product type to determine what material the splint is used.
  6. It is clear whether a vehicle is dual-purpose, so as to determine whether a quick change device is needed.
  1. Functions and Applications of Paper Roll Clamps:

The paper roll clamps are used for operations of transporting and piling effectively, safely and without any damages on paper rolls, at the meanwhile, they could be rotating 360 degrees continually. Thus, it is convenient for operations of both horizontal and vertical. This series of products could be widely applied in any transportation and piles of paper rolls which are from paper making industry, carton, packaging, printing, and any operations in ports as well.

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