Pallet trucks can be divided into: large-tonnage pallet trucks, stand-on pallet trucks, walking pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, manual pallets, explosion-proof hand pallets, explosion-proof pallet trucks, stainless steel pallet trucks, Paper tube pallet truck, electronic scale pallet truck, etc. The common tonnage of manual pallet trucks is 2 tons/2.5 tons/3 tons/5 tons. It is the simplest, most effective, and most common loading and unloading and handling equipment in the transportation tools of warehousing, logistics, and supermarket industries. It has made a great contribution to the transformation from manual handling to mechanized handling.

The common tonnage of electric pallet trucks is 1.5 tons/2 tons/2.5 tons/3 tons. It is a power technology update promoted by the concept of energy saving and environmental protection. It uses battery power. The electric pallet truck has the advantages of energy saving, no exhaust gas emission, and low noise. It is the best choice for food industry, printing industry, clothing industry and transportation industry.

Explosion-proof pallet trucks are generally used in some more dangerous places, where safety requirements are very high, For example, in factories with a lot of dust, gas stations, liquefied gas stations, chemical plants, and workshops in electronics factories that are sensitive to electronic interference.

The electronic scale pallet truck is designed and developed for mobile weighing, which integrates cargo handling and weighing, and is suitable for use in the food industry.

The stainless steel pallet truck has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and non-deformation. It is especially suitable for food, fishery, medical, chemical and other places.

The paper tube pallet truck is used to transport the warp beam of the water jet loom, and can also be used for paper tube and paper roll transportation.

Large-tonnage pallet trucks can reach 5-25 tons to meet the needs of handling, stacking, loading and unloading, and transportation of large tonnage goods. Large-tonnage electric pallet trucks have the advantages of energy saving, no exhaust gas emissions, and environmental protection, suitable for warehouses , Supermarkets, cold chain, logistics, terminals and other places.

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