Hydraulic Vacuum Lifter_MGL150

Hydraulic Vacuum Lifter-MGL150 for handling and fitting glass sheets etc inside/outside buildings.

This vacuum lifter adapted hand-pump suction pads instead of powered pads. It featured with its convenience with no power needed and detachable parts for easy carry, its movable function help people to handle or transport glass indoors with easy, unload glass from truck, as well as for glass installation indoors.

  1. Manual lifting, manual walking
  2. Manual 360 degree rotation
  3. Manual positioning
  4. Glass sucker Cup for lifting glass

Capacity: 150kg
Lifting height: 2000mm
Min height of center point: 900mm  
Max height of center point: 2000mm
Vacuum rotate angle: 360°
Diameter of suction cup: 12” (300mm)
Number of suction cups: 2pcs
Max glass size(recommend): 2000*3000mm
Minimum glass dimension: 29 1/2″ x 33 1/2″ (750 mm x 850 mm)
Rotated angle: Left: 90°, Right: 90°
Inclined angle: 90°