Electric Wheelchair Lift

Electric Wheelchair Lift – DP series

The wheelchair lift platforms are specially designed and manufactured for the disabled or people with mobility difficulties.

In order to make it convenient for the disabled or people with mobility inconvenience to travel and go
sightseeing in residences, communities, hospitals, schools, hotels, hotels, public places and other places. The wheelchair lift platforms consists of five parts: guide rail, lifting platform, guiding system, control system and power unit.

The lifting platform is made up of track as the main part, adopting “rocker self-reset switch operation”, withoutfoundation pit installation, directly fixed on the concrete floor, hydraulic drive, stable and safe lifting, the exterioradopts brushed stainless steel material and aluminum plate electrostatic spray box or panel, which is small and beautiful in appearance.

  1. Compact structure, convenient operation, safety and reliability;
  2. Load: 250KG;
  3. Adjustable lifting speed;
  4. The biggest advantage is that there is no need to change the original civil engineering;
  5. No need to pit, well, machine room, no noise, no site restrictions;
  6. Different specifications can be customized according to requirements.

Model NomberDP0.25-(1.0~7.0)
Platform size1250mm(L)x 1050mm(W)
Dimension1290mm(L) x 1530mm(W) x ( Travel height +700~1020 mm(H))
Max Platform Height1m1.5m2m2.5m3m3.5m4m5m6m
Min Platform height104mm
Load capacity250KG
Control voltage36V/DC
Power Output1.5kw~2.2KW
Power Input220V/50HZ/16A
Drive SystemHydraulic
Control ModeInching Switch or Automatic
OverloadProtection Over current relay
Material of PlatformPlastic electrostatic spraying
PaintingPlastic electrostatic spraying
Safety Wane Working Range≥75°
Oil tank capacity5L(by stroke)
Oil pressure 20-22Mpa
Working ConditionBoth indoors and outdoors
Working Temperature-10°~60°C(Cold area can add antifreeze into the hydraulic oil)
Non-pit installation, directly fixed to concrete floor (the concrete
Installationfloor below the platform shall not be lower than the ground)
Lift Platform PanelAntiskid Resistant Checkered Plate
Calling box (installed on the wall nearby),remote
Control Devicecontroller and platform controller
The lifting and lowering process can be stopped immediately
Emergency Stopby pressing the emergency button.