Electric Vacuum Lifter-GL600S

Electric Vacuum lifter-GL600S equipped with sponge suction cups for handling and fitting different kinds of heavy and rough surface plates, for example marbles, floor slab, ceramic tile, steel board, wooden board etc inside/outside buildings.

The vacuum lifter is designed with automatic pressure control and dual safety circuits to avoid system failure.

Ideal for loading & unloading transporting, rotating and installation, and with small width to access into doors.

Easy for operation, with the following functions:

  1. Self-propelled drive.
  2. Electric lift and extensions to Lift Height 3700 mm Forward Extension 610 mm.
  3. Electric tilting forwards & backwards from vertical to horizontal thru 180 deg.
  4. Manual rotating 360 deg.

Model: GL600S
Capacity: 600kg(retracted)&300kg(extended)
Lifting height: 3700mm
Height Forward Extension:610mm
Electric hydraulic tilting forwards & backwards from vertical to horizontal thru: 180deg
Manual rotating: 360deg
Suction cups standard qty: 6 pieces
Suction cups size: φ300mm*6 pieces
Battery: 2*12V/100Ah
Charger: 24V/15A
Drive motor: 24V/900W
Lift motor: 24V/2000W
Drive speed(with or without load):3.5km/4.5km/h
Lift speed(with or without load): 13mm/18mm/s
Down speed(with load): 19mm/s
Down speed(without load): adjustable based on customer’s requirements.
Gradeability(without load): 10%
Overall Length: 2420mm
Overall Width: 850mm
Overall Height: 1620mm
Net Weight: 1200kg
Packing size: 2700*950*2000mm
Gross Weight:1450kg