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Vacuum Glass Lifter

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Update time : 2019-10-07 21:17:00
vacuum glass lifter
Suction cup glass lifter(MGL150 . GL350 .GL600 .GL1000)
Detail product Description:
used with crane + hoist+ vacuum lifter
1. The vacuum lifter device max. carrying capacity up to 150kg .350kg . 600kg  1000kg .
2. For handling steel boards, aluminium boards, plastic boards, glass boards, stone slabs, laminated chipboards 
The vacuum lifting equipment consists of the basic unit that can be combined with different suction systems. 
The vacuum lifter can be combined and operated with many different carrier facilities,such as crane, wheel loaders, fork lifts. hoist.
*Self-propelled drive.
*Big power battery, stable use.
*Different clamp option Versatile Glass Lifting machine for handling and fitting glass sheets inside/outside buildings.
*The vacuum suction is designed with automatic pressure control and dual safety circuits to avoid system failure.
*Ideal for loading & unloading transporting, rotating and installation small width to access into elevators and doors.

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